Inventory Management in Darby begins with your Products. Darby walks you through every step of adding your products. It tracks cost, sale price, purchase date and recurring price for rentals and leasing. You can also attach images and documents to each product so you and your customers can see what an item looks like.


Sales is where you track your customers and individual items for every staging job you complete. You will love our customizable Sales Orders where you can include your company logo, an itemized list of each job by room and even thumbnail images for the perfect visual of your staging jobs.


Our Reports give you a quick snapshot of your inventory status, how much revenue your inventory generates and a summary of your Sales Orders. Don’t see the report you need for your business? Let us know and we can build it for you.

What we do

Simple Inventory Management for Home Stagers

Regardless of the size or type of your inventory, managing your assets makes good business sense! And it does not have to be complicated or costly. Darby Inventory allows home stagers to manage their inventory, customer lists, and vendor information in one place. As stagers, you know the value of photos. Attach photos of all of your inventory so you know exactly what each piece looks like. Know what you paid for it and when you bought it for tracking and incomes tax purposes. You also get fast access to sales and purchasing information through a rich set of detailed reports.

Know Where your Inventory is at Anytime, from Anywhere

As Home Stagers, your inventory can be in your storage facility or at any number of staged homes. A quick search tells you exactly where it is, how long its been there, and when it might be coming back. And you can access that information from anywhere you have a computer and internet access.

Priced for Your Budget

Starting a home staging business and keeping it running can be expensive enough. Most inventory software packages cost several thousand dollars and become more expensive when you need to hire consultants to help you set it up. Darby Inventory starts at only $24.95/month and you can be up and running within minutes.

Easy Setup, Nothing to Install

Darby Inventory software is web-based so it’s easy to use from any computer. This allows you to check inventory levels from your storage facility, your warehouse, your home or anywhere you have access to the internet.

Who we are

Tammie O’Brien — Founder, Darby Inventory

In 2005, Tammie co-founded Pineapple Interiors, a home staging company in Denver, Colorado. As her staging company grew, she looked for a tool to manage her inventory. She found there was an increasing need for an Inventory Management tool that was both cost effective and easy to use for Professional Home Stagers. Tammie created Darby Inventory in 2009 and began marketing it to the home staging industry in 2011. Tammie and the Darby team truly have a passion to help Home Stagers succeed in their businesses.

 Tammie works with Stagers across the country to help them develop best practices when it comes to managing their inventory. She listens carefully to their existing business processes and guides them to achieve a working model that saves them time on a daily basis. Tammie understands that each Stager conducts their business differently and therefore adapts processes that will make sense to every Stager she works with.

With a background in IT, Tammie also finds herself playing the role of technical support on occasion. She loves that she is fortunate to be able to use both her left and right brain gifts to benefit the industry.

Catharine Murphy — Certified Darby Implementation Specialist

If you love Darby’s robust capabilities and user-friendly interface, but just don’t have the time or the skillset to implement Darby, Catharine Murphy can help. Owner of Passion for Order and Certified Darby Implementation Specialist, Catharine will remove stress and indecision from your staging business by implementing a great tool to track inventory, manage jobs, and monitor revenue. She has several implementation plans available to accommodate your budget.

 As a former process improvement and quality engineer in the technology world, Catharine has extensive experience in defining and improving processes. She believes that time management, task management, and good systems are the keys to having a productive business and an organized life. Catharine is also an experienced technical trainer who has taught software design, programming languages, and technical writing. Catharine’s goals are to relieve stress, help you get the important things done, and maximize revenue by improving your business processes.

To learn more about how Catharine can help you, visit Passion for Order.